Etching on copper

Etching & eau forte on copper plate, 64×46 cm on BFK Rives paper. Victor Daviet’s bs 180 indy. The copper plate is varnished, then etched into with a pin pen. The shades of grey are reproduced by multitudes of tiny lines. The plate is dipped in a strong acid, biting into the copper; leaving the etches. Lithographic ink is applied everywhere, then the surface has to be entirely cleaned up; leaving ink only in the marks. Wet paper is rolled in the pressure press with the plate, making the final print. This technique allows for extremely sharp lines.

Etching on linoleum

Louif Paradis. Etching on linoleum, 56×76 cm BFK Rives paper. Acrilyc paint, litho ink. Hand pressed with a spoon. A reproduction of a real photograph, this time with the “block printing” process.

Tailpress fs 270 out, Harry Hagan filming, Déjà Vu in Japan 2014.

Etching on glass

Victor De Le Rue. Etching on glass 50 x 60 cm. Silver-gelatin prints on fiber paper by contact. The original photo is reproduced on a varnished glass, by thousands of tiny lines made with a pin pen. The glass is then used as a giant negative, making photo sensitive prints by contact in the darkroom. The glass actually broke during the process and was taped back together.

One-foot gap to pillow. Absinthe in Italy 2013