2011 - 2013

Silver-gelatin prints on Ilford FB MGIV. I shot these with ilford 3200 film, pushed the developpement at 12800 iso to maximize the grain. Then in the darkroom I cropped even further inside the negative to zoom-in on the grain. I scanned them in very high resolution to be able to make big size prints, of 100 x 109 cm minimum, to increase the size effect. The series is suppose to look like drawings and not photographs; to let your imagination go as a viewer. Captured in flight at fast shutter speed, and then printed huge, these images of simple crows give impressions of extra-terrestrial ships landing on earth, or powerful totems of past civilisations, imperial posture and attitude. Reproductions fine-art prints, limited series of 10 each.

You can purchase the artworks here.